Composer – installing php dependency manager

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If you intend to develop your career as a PHP programmer, Composer’s knowledge is obligatory.

Composer is a simple tool that allows you to manage efficiently with PHP packages. This enables you to easily install and remove packages in your PHP projects.

In this tutorial I will show you how to install Composer tool.

Composer installation

At first you need to go to the composer website available under the link: . You should see very simple webpage where under one of six buttons you will find Download link. Let’s click it.

You will be redirected to the next page where you need to find the right version to your operating system.


When you you have installation file download you can start installation in your system.

  1. In the first window that will appear you need to click Next button.
  2. Installator will ask you in the second window to type the correct PHP path installed in your system.
  3. Now you need to type proxy address, but in most cases you can leave it empty. This option is especially usefull when you work in corporate companies.
  4. In the next window you will click Install button. And lastly when everything went well you should see Completing Composer Setup window.

Now you are ready to manage your PHP’s packages. Congratulations !!!



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