Defining users in Confluence system

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Introduction to Confluence users

Defining users in Confluence system is similar to definining user in Jira system. This very intuitive process can be realized in one of two ways:

a) Direct creating user

b) Inviting user by email

I will describe these two ways in the article.

User management panel

Definining users in Confluence is a process that requires administrator permissions so when we click from Confluence Administration -> User management system will redirect us to Administration Access page.

Confluence Administration - User management

Confluence Administration – User management

All we need to do is to type administrator password and confirm by clicking on Confirm button.

Administrator Access window to get administrator privileges

Administrator Access window to get administrator privileges

Direct defining users in Confluence

Now we are ready to create new user. We need to go to tab Add Users. Process is so simple that when we type some fields like:

  • Username
  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

and confirm by Add button. And that is all what we need to do.

Add Users tab” src=”” alt=”User management -> Add Users tab” width=”885″ height=”805″> User management -> Add Users tab

New sample user Christian is added to the system. What is worth to say at this point is that we can define directly the name of the user.

This is especially important if in you company is defined any user name policy in IT department.

In many companies exist policies that define user names like below:

a) User name like email for example:

b) User name like name + ‘.’ + surname for example: john.smith

c) User name like first letter from name + surname for example: jsmith

Details of newly created user in Confluence

Details of newly created user in Confluence

Inviting user by email

Process of inviting a new user to the system is as simple as possible. We just type an email and if we want a text message and click button send.

At this point we need two know about two important points:

  1. We don’t control the name of a user. User defines his name in the system.
  2. We need to have configured mails servers to be allowed to send an email to any user.
Invite Users tab” src=”” alt=”Users management -> Invite Users tab” width=”958″ height=”984″> Users management -> Invite Users tab

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