How to install Confluence knowledge system – part II

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Confluence installation

In the previous article of How to install Confuence knowledge system we found the correct installation file on atlassian website. We also downloaded the file. Now we are ready to install Confluence knowledge system in our operation system.

1. Let’s start from running atlassian-confluence-6.2.3-x64 installation file.

2. We should see Installation Wizard window.

3. If there is not any problem with firewall we will see first welcome window, click Next button.

4. This is important step in which we will select Custom Install (recommended for advanced users). When I choose first option I had some problems with running Confluence in web browsers.  The problem was probably connected with the correct version of Java installed on my computer. I installed java jdk-8u131-windows-x64.exe and problem disappeared.

5. We can selected path to install Confluence. Leave default and click Next.

6. Here we should select location path for Confluence Data. You can select different disk or even path to Virtual Machine located in your company.

7. We can select the name of the Conluence that will be available in Start Menu. Leave default values and go to the next step.

8. Setting correct port for Confluence website is important from the IT security policy in your company. Probably you can leave default ports but check with your administrator if this ports are not blocked.

9. In this installation window we are asked to Install Confluence as Service. We should leave this option checked because during every restart of the machine Confluence will run as default in our operation system.

10. Now Confluence started the installation process. All files and configuration are saving into the disk.

11. If there are no problems with should see the window that installation is complete.

12. Confluence is starting the system service.

13. We will be redirected to Confluence configuration website in our local machine.

14. In this step we can select one of two options:

  • Trial Installation
  • Production Installation

We will selected Trial Installation because for the presentation process of the whole Confluence system we don’t need to run Production Installation. The main difference between this two options is that in Production Installation we will have a possibility to select our own database.

In the right side of the window we can also change the language used in the systems. We selected English as a default language.

15. In the Specify your lincese key page we need to fill correct Confluence license key. We will achieve the key clicking on the link Get an evaluation license.

16. Confluence system will redirect us to the website. You should type your login/email. If you don’t have account in atlassian you can find how to do this under the article.

17. Type your atlassian id password and click Log in button.

18. We should see New Evaluation License window. Select all option like below:

  • License type: Confluence (Server)
  • Organization: type your name
  • Your instance is: up and running (we installed and run our Confluence service)
  • Server ID: your id (system filled it automatically).

Now you can click Generate License.

19. As you can see we have generated new License Key in our atlassian account. We only need to confirm where the key will be used (our localhost).

20. If there were no problems we should be redirected back to our local Confluence website with filled Confluence key.

21. We are nearly at the end of the installation process. In the Configure User Management site we will be asked to select a way how to manage users in Confluence. We have two options:

  • Manage Users and Groups within Confluence
  • Manage Users and Groups with Jira

My advice is to select first option. Until you will have bought the same number of user license in both systems and the same users in both Jira and Confluence system there weren’t any problems.

The problems will start if someone decide to buy more user account only to one of the systems then one of the system will not work correctly. Another possible problem is when you would like to use different mechanism of logging for example internal mechanism of loggin in Confluence and Active Directory in Jira.

In this article we select Manage users and groups within Confluence.

22. In one of the last steps we need to create administrator account. Type your:

  • Username
  • Name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Password confirmation

and click Next.

23. We finished Confluence installation process now. What we need to do is to setup the details of newly created administrator account. Click Start button to start.

24. In the site Hi Administrator, welcome to Confluence we can run the movie that will show us some intro to the system. Click No headphones? Skip.

25. Now you can select your account image or skip the process.

25. Now we need our first space in the system. Type there for example Product Development. In the article Confluence quick terms overview we wil see what is a space in Confluence.


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