How to make connection beetween Confluence to Jira

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Connection beetween Confluence and Jira

Confluence and Jira have designed very flexible architecture that allows to integrate them each other. We can for example make the same users between both systems if we want. In this article we will see another possible connection name application link. This kind of connection allows to publish issues and graphs from Jira directly in Confluence pages.

Configuring connection to Jira

In order to make connection to Jira we need to go do Settings -> General configuration.

It opens a standard Adminstrator Access window to approve our administrator privillages to make any nonstandard operations in the system.

In the next step we scroll down the administration page to the section Application Links.

In the window Configure Application Links we will start making connection between both Confluence and Jira systems.

We need to add link to our Jira system. In our example it is http://localhost:8080/jira and click the button Create new link.

This opens the popup with detailed information about creating the link between Jira and Confluence systems. We have such information for both systems like:

  • Display URL
  • Application URL
  • Name
  • Application

We accept by clicking Continue button. In this place it is worth to say that if you don’t use the same users for both systems you need to uncheck option: The servers have the same set of users and usernames.

Now we are waiting for redirecting us to Jira systems because linking applications is a process that creates links between applications in both aplications:

  • in Jira we have connection to Confluence
  • in Confluence we have connection to Jira

We need to type administration login and password to Jira system to accept linking application process.

Now we are redirected to the the Confluence system and this time we have information about makin link application from Confluence to Jira.

We need to accept by clicking the Continue button.

In the finanal stage we have information that both systems are connected and now we can test this connection.

Display issues from Jira in a page

The best possible way to show advantages of made connections between Jira and Confluence systems is display issues from Jira systems in a Confluence page.

In order to do this we will go into edit mode of any page and select in the main menu options: Insert more content -> Other macros -> Jira Issue/Filter. More about macros you can read in the article Confluence macros overview.

We should see a window Insert Jira Issue/Filter and information that we need to approve our login in Jira. Let’s click the link Login & Approve.

This action displays Welcome to Jira window with information that application will be allowed to use your credentials to authenticte. We only need to click Allow button to accept.

Now in the search area we can type our project name filter: project=”test” that will show all issues from the project named test.

When you insert the macro you see the view like below in the edit page mode.

Let’s save the page to see the final result:

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