Sharing pages between users in Confluence

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Sharing content in Confluence

When your organization is keeping more than 50 people and still growing you can only imagine how many pages are created in knowledge base like Confluence. Growing number of pages and users forces sharing pages in Confluence beetwen users.

Confluence supports such activities by simple Share button available on every page. When you want to share a page you just click the button.

You should see the share link and possibility to add any user and even short message to share the page.

When you fill all fields with correct values you can click Share button. After that you will see information that page was shared to user Artur Poniedziałek.

In parrarel to this information a new email was sent to the user Artur Poniedziałek with information that the user Administrator shared page in Confluence system.

There is another yet information available in the system about shared page. When user Artur Poniedziałek will log into to systems he will see in the right top corner that sam notifications are available.

One of the Notifications informas about the fact that page was shared by Administrator user.

The process of sharing pages in Confluence is pretty easy and very intuitive. You will love this process.



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