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Design REST API for booking system – part 1

General scope for REST API in Laravel 5.4 This series of articles should help you easily design REST API in PHP Laravel framework using minimum effort and saving your development time. Skills for building quickly any kind of API are especially now very important when everything is decentralized. At the beginning will will focus on 

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PHP Artisan commands list with Laravel 5.4

Working with Laravel without PHP Artisan would be no so efficient. Laravel delivers us list of mostly used commands by daily developer’s activities. You need to know this list and use the commands to speed up your efficiency in coding. Some of the php artisan commands are shown in action in my laravel project where 

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How to run Laravel project with several commands

Laravel introduction Laravel is a relatively simple and lightweight PHP framework that every developer should know. Using the framework we can easily create Web APIs and deliver our IT projects faster than ever before. The advantage of the framework is the fact that you can run Laravel project with several commands and install new components 

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